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Xeo NdYAG Vascular Removal

XEO NDYAG Vascular Removal

What is a Xeo Vascular Removal Treatment?

At Ohana we specialise in treating vascular conditions with The Cutera Xeo, NdYAG. The treatment is both safe and effective as it delivers energy into the targeted vessel, coagulating the blood which leads to the vessel being absorbed by the body over 2 to 6 weeks. Treatments are performed on the face and the body where vessels are experienced.

Immediate elimination of vessels can be seen and there may be some slight redness and localised swelling of the skin post treatment. Your skin specialist will conduct a consultation to go over the treatment in depth prior to commencing vascular treatments.

How many treatments will I need and how frequently?

Three treatments performed once monthly are usually sufficient to see results with vascular lesions. Additional treatments may be recommended, where large surface areas or high levels of vessels are present.

What skin conditions does the Xeo Vascular Removal Treat?

There are many areas of the face and body that we successfully treat at Ohana, vascular conditions such as facial telangiectasia, leg veins, vessels around the nose, red and purple spider leg veins, cherry angiomas, venous lakes and pigmented skin tags.