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In-Clinic Retexturising Treatments

When it comes to skin, Ohana CM offers a range of different treatment retexturizing treatments based on specific skin concerns. Our purpose is to ensure our clients have access to the best in skin care and in-clinic treatments. That is why we proudly offer Lira Clinical skin care range to our clients as it contains the highest quality and most technologically advanced ingredients to deliver superior results.

Over 98% of Lira Clinical home care products contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that have lightening and brightening agents to target many skin concerns creating luminous, brighter and a more refined skin appearance. The homecare correction programs are designed to help us in helping you by prepping the skin for the in-clinic treatments.

HydraGlo Express

HydraGlo Express is our lightest retexturisation treatment which assists to provide deep hydration while brightening and retexturing the skin. The HydraGlo is for all skin types and requires no down time. This treatment takes approximately 20 minutes and can even be performed in conjunction with your cosmetic injectable treatment for extra pampering.

Vita Bright

Vita Bright is our retexturisation treatment designed to help with rosacea and other inflammatory concerns. It is targeted to strengthen the skins immune system. This treatment provides anti-aging properties designed to protect and repair existing cells while, helping to generate new and healthy cell renewal. This treatment provides deep exfoliation while the natural lightening ingredients help to brighten the skins complexion. Vita Bright Booster is for all skin types and takes 45 minutes.

Lactic Retexturisation Treatment

Lactic retexturisation treatment is designed to help with pigmentation lightening and skin brightening. The treatment is intended to act as a melanin suppressant and tyrosinase inhibitor to assist in the effective treatment of pigmentation reduction. The antioxidants combined with the anti-inflammatory ingredients, help to calm the cascade of the skin becoming inflamed which if left untreated, can cause damage to the skin driving pigmentation deeper. The treatment repairs the cells to assist with the collagen rebuild for a more rejuvenated appearance.

Lactic retexturisation treatments helps lighten and brighten the skin and is best suited for skin which contains pigmentation, sunspots or melasma. The treatment takes 30 minutes.

Skin Retexturisation Treatment Melbourne

Anti-aging Mineral Jessner Treatment

Anti-aging Mineral Jessner treatment is our superior anti-aging treatment designed to target fine lines and wrinkles. Packed with rich antioxidants and cell repair technology to assists in replenishing loss of volume while, hydrating and lightening the skin.

Mineral Jessner is best suited for aging skin to refine skin texture and improve your overall complexion. The treatment takes 30 minutes.

Medical Melasma Treatment

Medical melasma treatment is our advanced treatment that significantly helps to reduce the appearance of deep, dark pigmented patches on the skin. This medical formula is applied to the surface of the skin which later penetrates deep into the dermis creating healthy cell turnover, lifting deep and superficial pigmentation to lighten the appearance of pigmentation concerns.

Medical Melasma treatment is best suited for severely pigmented skin. The treatment requires approximately 7 day downtime. The treatment takes 45 minutes.

What can I expect after my retexturisation treatment?

The team at Ohana CM will discuss what to expect directly after and, in the days preceding your treatment. Depending on your treatment choice, you may experience no skin reaction at all or some initial redness and a tight sensation as a result of the treatment.

Some of the deeper retexturisation treatments may experience some flaking of the skin between 2-4 days after having the treatment as this indicates that the skin cells are renewing, revealing refined, healthier skin. During this stage, it is important for clients to not interrupt or attempt to accelerate this process by pick or rubbing at the skin. Application of Lira Clinical recovery balm, moisturizer and SPF is recommended.

What are the results?

Our results driven so our programs are carefully designed to address our clients individual skin concerns overtime. After completing the course of required treatments and individually prescribed homecare regime, clients should expect an improvement in some or all of the following:

  • Skin texture improvement;
  • Improvements in the appearance of pigmentation;
  • Improvements in the appearance of melasma;
  • Increased collagen production; and
  • Minimised appearance of fine lines and skin texture improvement.

How many treatments are best?

For optimal results, we recommend our clients to have 4 to 6 treatments in order to significantly refine the area of concern and to enhance the quality of the appearance of the skin.