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Anti Wrinkle Treatments that Work

Clients who visit Ohana Cosmetic Medicine in Richmond understand that performing anti-wrinkle treatments is both an art and a skill that is perfected with experience.

At Ohana, our highly trained cosmetic injectors, both doctors and nurses, deliver outstanding natural, anti-wrinke injection results, consistently and safely. An in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and the impact of how treating one muscle effects another is critical to delivering natural looking results – not frozen faces. We firmly believe that you should look “refreshed” after your anti-wrinkle injection treatment, with the aim of “softening” those annoying wrinkles so that they don’t worsen or deepen over time.

If you are new to cosmetic and anti-wrinkle injections, please see below for some frequently asked questions, but remember, each anti-wrinkle treatment is unique to you and your aesthetic goals.

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are composed of a natural, purified protein, which temporarily relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles. By doing this, the overlying skin relaxes, offering a simple and non-surgical way to deliver a smoother and refreshed appearance.

Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?

The treatment has a proven safety record for over 25 years [1].

Anti-wrinkle injections are commonly used in young children to treat muscle spasticity to improve their quality of life.

It is broken down and removed by the body naturally over a few months. If you decide to stop all anti-ageing injections, your body will simply return to the original movement prior to treatments.

Will I look natural?

For most people any redness around the treated area resolves approximately 20-minutes after any anti-wrinkle injection treatment. Is it not uncommon for clients with busy schedules to visit during their lunch breaks and return to work right afterwards [2]*.

Each person will have different aesthetic desires – our clinicians cater to each person to achieve the most natural look

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

The medication selectively relaxes the muscle it is injected into. It does this by temporarily blocking signals to specific wrinkle causing muscles.
Weakened muscles reduce skin movement, allowing static/permanent lines to soften over time with repeated treatments.

Is it permanent?

No, the anti-wrinkle injection medication is naturally broken down by the body and your muscle movement will return to what it was before the treatment.

It does not worsen wrinkles or damage muscles if you decide to stop treatment.

Are anti-wrinkle injections uncomfortable?

A very tiny needle is used to deliver the anti-wrinkle injection medication.
Clients often compare the injections to plucking a stubborn brow hair.
Ice can be used for comfort. Clients are also welcome to use topical anesthetic cream, although it typically is not required.

When will I see changes?

The effects of the treatment are not immediate as it does take a few days for the anti-wrinkle injection medicine to work on the muscles. For most people, changes are seen on days 3 – 4, with the full effect by 2 weeks [3]*.

How long does it last?

The treatments last on average 3-4 months [4]*.

However, different areas when treated with different doses will last longer or less.

Can I return to my normal activities after the injections?

Generally after anti-wrinkle injections, you can return to your normal activities/work immediately.

The only instruction for post-care is to not lie down, exercise or massage the treated areas for 4 hours.

This is because the medicine takes time to be absorbed by the muscle – any of the above does not necessarily alter the outcome dramatically, but good post-treatment care will ensure the best results.

What are the side effects?

In the majority of cases there are no side effects.

Occasionally there may be a small bruise over the injection area (which can be easily covered with makeup).

While we always use the recommended dose according to anatomy and clinical trials, you may require higher a dose that is individual to your muscle strength.

In very rare cases, a lid or brow droop may occur and is temporary. This is usually a result of the client heavily rubbing the area after treatment and spreading the medication to surrounding muscles.

Please see “About Us” to discover the wealth of experience that the team at Ohana Cosmetic Medicine can offer you.

Myth Buster

Anti-wrinkle injections worsen the lines if you decide to stop.

Definitely not. If you decide to stop treatments the muscle and skin will return to their normal states. In fact, preventative treatment is thought to play a part in slowing down the formation of permanent wrinkles.

Anti-wrinkle treatments always look fake and obvious.

This is both true and false.

In the hands of an inexperienced injector, anti-wrinkle treatments can be incorrectly placed and/or overdosed which can lead to the feared frozen faces. This is not uncommon as many injectors have only completed 3-day training courses and have limited injecting experience.

We believe that it takes years of practise and training to be able to design the perfect anti-wrinkle injection treatment based on each individual’s unique facial anatomy, dosage requirements and aesthetic desire for natural results. Our injectors have many years of industry experience, are trained medical professionals, and are committed to continually up-skilling their techniques.

I’m too young to start anti-wrinkle injection.

The appearance of ageing lines is influenced by many factors, including our genes and sun exposure. For some people lines can be seen to start forming at age 20, which may worsen over time with repetitive frowning or squinting. With these clients it is best to start preventative treatment, which is easier to do than trying to treat when the lines are very deep.

My current injector says my treatment is routine.

There is no such thing as routine anti-wrinkle treatments. Anatomy must be assessed each and every time you have a treatment. Target muscles weaken over time while other muscles may gain strength. It’s always a balance to selectively treat muscles with the appropriate dose to give you the best longevity for treatment satisfaction while retaining a natural look.


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* Disclaimer: Results may vary for each individual patient

[1] Naumann M, jankovic J, Curr Med Res Opin 2004;20(7):981-90. [2] Carruthers, JD et al. Plast Reconstr Surg 2008;12(5 Suppl):5S-30S. [3] Beer KR et al, J Drugs dermatol 2011;10(1):39-44. [4] Lowe NJ et al. Dermatol Surg 2015;31(3):257-62


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